The War on Drugs: 'A Trillion-Dollar Failure'

Celebrated crime writer Don Winslow continues his secret history of the War on Drugs in his disturbing and important new novel, 'The Cartel'

"Listen," says Don Winslow, "it's an angry book." He's talking about his new novel, The Cartel, a sequel to 2005's The Power of the Dog. Taken together, the books read as a sort of Game of Thrones of the Mexican drug wars, a multipart, intricately plotted, blood-soaked epic that tells the story of how America's unquenchable appetite for illegal drugs has brought chaos to our southern neighbors and darkened our own political and criminal culture. Dog, which stretches from the Seventies through the turn of the century, traces the rise of the narcotraficantes who split Mexico into territories and smuggled cocaine across the U.S. border by the ton. The new book picks up the story as the violence increases and spills out into Mexican society, turning cities like Juarez into Fallujah-like battle zones. But the most shocking...

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