Watch: How to smoke weed in a business setting

Now that 23 states and the District of Columbia have embraced the legalization of marijuana there are legitimate weed-related companies that are open for business. By 2020, big data shop New Frontier Financials estimates that the marijuana industry will reach $15.2 billion.

But, when it comes to smoking weed during a business meeting, don't expect the invitee to roll you a joint. Bring your own.

"Most people today don't pass a joint like they used to," media and public relations expert Cheryl Shuman said. "Most people have their own individual vaporizers. We all have it as a professional courtesy. If you have a cold or something and there's a joint being passed around, as a professional courtesy you want to decline and say, 'Hey not for me.'"

In order to showcase the breadth of products for customers and patients, Shuman explained that some companies hold dinner parties that...

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