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Switzerland study: Cannabis can allieviate chronic pain

Cannabis can alleviate chronic pain caused for example by cancer and muscle cramps from multiple sclerosis, according to an international study financed by the Federal Office of Public Health. 

The office said it would bear in mind the medical benefits of the drug – consumption of which is banned in Switzerland – when granting special exemptions. 

It said on Monday that in order to be able to make these exceptions in a more target-oriented way, it had commissioned a systematic review of the positive and negative effects of the medical use of cannabis. 

The metastudy involved analysing 79 clinical studies with more than 6,000 participants. It concluded that consuming cannabis was accompanied by an alleviation of symptoms, although changes could not be found for all the indicators which were being examined. 

But good evidence could be found for cancer-related pain and spasms connected to multiple sclerosis. Positive effects were also...

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