Vancouver plans to outlaw illegal marijuana 'vapour lounges'

Vapour lounges and cannabis cafes have sprouted up alongside Vancouver's flourishing -- but illegal -- marijuana dispensary industry, but the city says new rules will outlaw them completely

Vancouver's illegal marijuana dispensaries test the limits of governments and police, vapour lounges that allow customers to smoke and vape are pushing the boundaries even further. But as Mike Hager reports, the city is set to crack down


Neil Blake does a lap of the bar, bumping fists with friends and cracking jokes, before sidling up to a vaporizer for a “dab” of wax so concentrated with pot’s psychoactive ingredient that he likens it to smoking a whole joint in one breath.

The affable 37-year-old says he started dabbing to ease pain from his multiple sclerosis that a cocktail of steroids and pharmaceutical drugs cannot always alleviate. The former software engineer has been coming to...

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