Switzerland’s youth have the second- highest cannabis consumption in the world, according to UNICEF

Since cannabis was effectively decriminalised two years ago, drug cultivation in Switzerland has soared. The country’s drug laws have swung between permissiveness and conservatism over the last two decades and the result is an ambiguous situation where possession of certain drugs – such as cannabis – is semi-decriminalised.

An adult caught with more than ten grams of cannabis can expect a CHF100 (around £70) on-the-spot fine. However, there are also proposals to legalise the drug when smoked in cannabis clubs, similar to those seen in Amsterdam. The legislation has to negotiate Switzerland’s ultra democratic political process though, and that means many chances to delay and alter the legislation.

While the politicians argue over strategy, Switzerland’s youth are increasingly enthusiastic about cannabis. Around 24 per cent have tried the drug, according to the most recent UNICEF report. This makes Switzerland’s young people the most likely to take the drug in...

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