Social trends- Marijuana Churches

There is a new social tend developing among marijuana cannabis devotees- the heady mix of God, weed and church services. The latest in the news is The First Church of Cannabis based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Minister of Love William Levin has taken advantage of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) to start the church and announced the first service will take place on July 1st, when the act becomes legal. What does this mean? Apparently parishioners will be able to light up on church premises without fear of arrest. Pretty interesting when you consider that Indiana doesn’t even allow medical marijuana use.

The service will be laid back, with no fire and brimstone. The schedule will include songs, an introduction to the Deity Dozen, basic rules along the line of ‘Thou shalt not…’ and of course the sacrament, cannabis. The Church Facebook page has over 42,000 likes and the service is expected to be packed....

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