Injured teacher no fan of marijuana

Don’t tell her about the medical wonders of marijuana. And don’t tell her that it’s a relatively benign drug that doesn’t really hurt anybody.

Certainly, don’t tell her anything like that after she has had to stand all day in her classroom at Pueblo West High School, where she teaches mathematics. After dealing with sharp pain and fatigue in her mangled right knee for hours, you wouldn’t find her very receptive to the wonders of getting stoned.

And don’t bring up the topic as the newlywed contemplates her future as a mother, worried how she’ll manage the added weight during pregnancy, or how she’ll carry or play with her child.

And don’t sing the praises of legalization of pot in Colorado by a citizenry who may not have foreseen the many consequences of that decision. Because if you do, she’ll tell you about her run-in with marijuana. It’s a tale...

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