Why is Israel cracking down on medical marijuana?

This trend, which contradicts growing global trends and public debate in Israel, has led many to question whether the Health Ministry is colluding with pharmaceutical companies. 

For Eitan, 25, medical cannabis is nothing short of a miracle. He's been using it for quite some time now to combat the nausea, vomiting, excruciating pain and weight loss caused by the pancreatic cancer he suffers from. "Without the cannabis, I honestly cannot function," he says.

But very soon, so it appears, his nightmare could come back to haunt him. "My permit is set to expire in a few weeks, and the hospital isn't going to re-approve it because they've been instructed to cancel permits," Eitan says. "Without medical cannabis, my life will become hell. I'm already dealing with a serious illness, so why make turn my life into a nightmare?"

On taking up his position as director of Ichilov Hospital at Sourasky...

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