Medical marijuana manufacturers hope to erase stigma of drug

When Cottage Grove Mayor Myron Bailey announced several months ago on Facebook that his suburb would be soon home to a new pharmaceutical business, residents were ecstatic over the new jobs it would bring.

But a day later, when he clarified that it was for a facility producing medical marijuana, people in the community were stumped.

The reaction on social media, Bailey recalled, was "Wait. What?"

City officials then had to educate themselves about medical marijuana so they could placate residents over concerns ranging from public safety to odor.

In a similar fashion, officials with LeafLine Labs are confident that outreach and education will help them erase stigma of the drug within the medical community. As of Monday, only 14 patients in Minnesota were approved to receive the treatment, which becomes legal July 1.

Many patients have reported difficulty in finding doctors willing to certify them. Dr. Andrew Bachman, LeafLine's...

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