Initiative 48 could make Mississippi the first state to fully end Marijuana Prohibition in the South

Mississippi already decriminalized marijuana last year. They are the first state in the deep south to do so. The Louisiana state legislature only created a simple possession charge last week, and the penalty is still pretty serious. In Alabama, there is no simple possession law and one gram of cannabis has a maximum penalty of $6,000 and 30 days in jail.

Louisiana also just passed a limited medical cannabis law. Alabama and South Carolina are expected to pass full medical cannabis laws in the 2016 session.

Ohioans will almost certainly get to vote on whether to legalize cannabis for recreational use in November of 2015. A total of 24 states have a process where citizens can get an issue on a state-wide ballot. In most of these states, it is extremely difficult for the legislature to change or overturn a ballot issue once it is passed.

In the November 2016...

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