Calgary council debates regulating medicinal marijuana agencies

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Calgary council has demanded rules in place to limit and regulate medical marijuana businesses, for fear a bout of reefer madness may break out in a city that has a single counselling clinic that cannot dispense the drug.

That one outlet, 420 Clinic, has recently opened in Inglewood, to limited community alarm.

Councillors like Diane Colley-Urquhart have looked anxiously to Vancouver, where 100 illegal dispensaries have sprung up and prompted that city to hurry with regulations for zoning and licensing.

Calgary council unanimously called Tuesday for some set of zoning rules to prevent clustering of marijuana service shops or locating them near schools.

Those proposed rules would come to council by October, the same month as the federal election — a vote that could shift Canada away from the sternly anti-pot Conservatives and toward the pro-legalization Liberals or pro-decriminalization NDP.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s party has denounced the Supreme Court of Canada for ruling to allow...

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