Zambia could earn billions from medicinal marijuana crop

Opposition Green Party leader Peter Sinkamba says if he was voted in last January, the country would have been harvesting its first medicinal marijuana crop this month worth US$3 billion from the planned 129 farms countrywide.

Mr. Sinkamba says on his social media posting that to date his party would have earned US $ 3 billion , which is half Zambia’s budget for 2015 had he been voted Republican President .

“ With Green Party in government, by now there would have been no deficit, no nkongole ( debt ) , but a thriving economy like it used to be in the 1960’s and 1970s “ he said.

Chile, the country that produces copper six times more than Zambia has just legalized marijuana, and we are still shamefully grappling with realities, he adds

“I repeat, Zambia will never reclaim it pride for failing to “Think Outside the Box”, “ he...

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