Could Colombia Legalize Marijuana? Amid Drug War And Trafficking, Lawmakers To Debate Full ...

Lawmakers in Colombia, one of the world’s biggest drug producers and the backdrop of an often violent illegal drug trade, could debate legalizing marijuana this year, according to Colombia Reports. While legislators are already moving forward with considering legalizing marijuana for medical purposes, Sen. Roy Barreras from the southwestern city of Cali, once known as the most violent place in the country thanks to its warring drug gangs, hopes to get full marijuana legalization on the table.

“This is a complex issue because parents are anxious and worried, and believe their children will turn into potheads the next day, but I tell them with full conviction that if their children are not alcoholics today despite alcohol being legal,” Barreras told local media. He added that “prohibition,” not drugs, was fueling gang violence in Colombia.

“I believe we should open the door to free ourselves...

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