Chalk Up Another Possible Clinical Benefit for Marijuana

The odds have been plainly against marijuana legalization for decades, but the tide appears to be turning to the point where the marijuana movement may soon be able to get over its previous barriers.

At a crossroads
Two decades ago public opinion was very much against the idea of legalizing marijuana for medical or recreational purposes. A survey from Gallup in the mid-1990s pegged the public's favorable opinion on the drug at just 25%.

Fast-forward 20 years, and my how things have changed. The latest surveys conducted in 2014 from the General Social Survey and Gallup both showed that just over 50% of respondents favored the legalization of marijuana. A number of other recently conducted studies in swing states suggest that support for a federal approval of medical marijuana sits at 70% or higher.

For Americans, the legalization or decriminalization of marijuana would have two primary focuses. First, it...

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