Even a little marijuana is too much at BWI Airport

Marijuana restrictions have been relaxed in the District, but an incident Wednesday at one of the region’s airports showed that Washington-area marijuana enforcement, even involving small amounts, has not ended.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said a search of the luggage of an arriving passenger at ­Baltimore-Washington International Marshall Airport yielded a discovery and a seizure. The search came after a customs detector dog “alerted,” the agency said.

The item seized, the agency said, was a single cigarette that contained less than 1 gram of marijuana.

The cigarette was in a bag carried by a U.S. citizen, who was arriving from Jamaica, the agency said.

The agency said the woman, who comes from the Bronx, was released after being assessed what was described as a $500 “zero tolerance penalty. A customs spokesman said a zero tolerance penalty was a civil penalty imposed when a traveler is not charged with any crime....

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