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Portugal Decriminalises Drug Possession And Over Dose Deaths Come Down

Portugal is one of the first countries in the world to decriminalise drug possession. In 2001, Portugal considered holding of small quantities of drugs as a public health issue. So instead of jail time, the drug user would get a referral to the local shrink. Many predicted catastrophic outcomes, but in reality, the drug overdose deaths have come down

The decriminalisation of drugs has resulted in lower drug use and overdose deaths. According to Transform Drug Policy Foundation the prevalence of drugs among young users has consistently fallen from 2001 figures. The overall drug use among adults has also fallen and the HIV cases have also come down significantly.

As drugs become decrminalised, Portugal has recorded one of the lowest overdose deaths in the world. Among adults, there is only three deaths per one million population. The similar demographic in other countries include 10 per million in Netherlands, 44.6...

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