Cannabis Dispensary Outlet by NullChaotica

Which will remain nameless, although it wouldn't be hard to figure out which one of the 100 in Vancouver currently this particular one is. Especially if certain metadata or GPS info were available.

This is one of the few strict ones, which verifies the regular straight GP/MD doctor's info and signature. Most other outlets require a minimum age of 19, like booze and smokes, but this outlet will allow 18 year olds to obtain a wide array of cannabis products. But only after verification of the application info.

I've been a bit of an insider to the drug cannabis seed and weed business for decades, and in Vancouver I've seen a lot of greed and gouging. Never mind the details, but I think that at least 80 or 90 percent should be forcibly closed with the remainder fairly but strictly regulated. Health concerns are significant, and cannabis should be produced...

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