Smoking Ganja Is Still Illegal In Jamaica

With the view that there is wide-scale misunderstanding on the rules governing the smoking of ganja in public, some stakeholders believe more needs to be done to clearly outline the new regulations that came into effect earlier this year.

"I am finding that there is a lot of confusion as it relates to the smoking of marijuana in public," stated David Wan, president of the Jamaica Employers' Federation.

"I am still going places, gas stations, for instance, and seeing persons smoking marijuana publicly. Too many persons are confused about whether the no-smoking rules apply to marijuana and we have to address this."

In response, Justice Minister Mark Golding pointed out that similar to the penalties for smoking cigarettes in public, there are regulations that prohibit the smoking of marijuana in public.

In fact, unless prescribed for medical or therapeutic purposes or legally recognised religious reasons, the smoking of marijuana is...

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