Rand Paul in Baltimore county finds an island of red in Maryland's sea of blue

Rand Paul, the Kentucky Republican running for president, went to the Baltimore area on Tuesday night for the first time since riots provoked by the death of Freddie Gray in police custody.

The 2016 hopeful appeared at a dinner of suburban Republicans in a banquet hall that arguably looked more like a setting for a mafia wedding than a speech on urban policy.

Still, Paul gave what was perhaps one of his most passionate speeches on the subject of crime and urban policy. After reiterating much of his usual stump material, he spoke about Kalief Browder, a teenager from the Bronx who was imprisoned for three years without trial and killed himself this week.

Paul raged that Browder “was put in Rikers Island for three years without a trial, he spent two in solitary, he was beaten to a pulp by a gang in prison”. He...

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