Legal highs 'prohibition' will create new criminal class

David Cameron will create a new criminal class with his crackdown on legal highs, a former health minister has warned.

Norman Lamb told IBTimes UK that the government's psychoactive substances bill, which will introduce a blanket ban on legal highs from April next year, is "ridiculous".

The legislation comes after 120 deaths were linked to the substances across England, Scotland and Wales in 2013, according to Home Office data.

“As a father I'm hostile to drugs, but making them criminal doesn't' stop people from taking them. The criminal isn't interested in your welfare.”
- Norman Lamb

"I totally oppose the Tories' plan to, in effect, introduce a prohibition on legal highs. That's going to create more problems and create another new criminal class," the North Norfolk MP argued.

"We need to find ways to hold people to account who sell those legal highs. If you, as a shopkeeper, sell a...

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