Israel: Marijuana decriminalization would penalize users under 21

New details on the legal efforts to decriminalize marijuana that emerged on Monday revealed that Knesset members are pushing to allow Israelis over the age of 21 to hold up to one plant, 15 seeds, and five grams of pot without penalty.

Under the move spearheaded by freshman MK Yinon Magal (Jewish Home party), the plant would be legal for private use, with individuals allowed to keep small amounts of cannabis and derivative products in their homes.

The proposal, published online on Monday, limits the amount permitted for personal use to 5 grams (a previous version of the legislation sought a cap of 15 grams). Young users under the age of 21, however, would be liable for a NIS 1,000 ($260) fine for marijuana use up to that amount and NIS 1,500 ($390) for sales. That fine will increase to NIS 3,000 ($780) for under 21-year-olds who are found with...

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