Current status of marijuana in Latin America

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Recently, Latin America has surprised us with the giant steps taken towards the legalization of cannabis. Jose Mujica opened Pandora's Box and in a time when that regulation was in no man's land, Uruguayan citizens were quick to react and show support for their former president. Thus, and as if it were a domino effect, the voice spread like wildfire. As a result, today, the vast majority of countries in Latin America, are in favor of a real decriminalization of marijuana regulation. This article will discuss the recent news coming from Puerto Rico, Brazil, Uruguay and Ecuador.

Medicinal users rebel against the Government of Puerto Rico

In Puerto Rico, patients interested in the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes are at war. They accuse the government of the country of having absolutely no intention to authorize marijuana use for medicinal purposes. They claim that the recent government announcement has been watered...

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