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Cannabis Oil Now For Sale in South Carolina

Thanks to last year’s pro-CBD legislation, South Carolina is one of 10+ state in America that allows cannabis oil intake for those with severe ailments (like epilepsy and cancer).

But unlike most of these other states where kids can’t access CBD oils and are dying (see: Wisconsin, New York), South Carolina now has the cure moderately available. The oil aiding South Carolina’s patients in need is called Palmetto Harmony, a locally produced CBD-centric product (that means it doesn’t get anyone high).

And Palmetto Harmony, available at four storefronts including one pharmacy, appears to be working its magic:

Advocates say the oil shows amazing results for treating things like chronic pain, glaucoma and epileptic seizures.

“We’ve had a little girl that had 200 seizures a day. She’s down to two, which are like twitches now,” said Erika Erhenford, co-owner of Natural Health Pharmacy.


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