Potlines app helps marijuana users stay on the right path

Potlines is an app that will send users an alert as to differing state marijuana laws.


WASHINGTON, June 7, 2015 – Marijuana is already legal for medical and recreational use in the District of Columbia. Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Colorado also allow recreational use and possession of cannabis.

Twenty-three states from Maine to California allow medical marijuana use. But if you are taking a road trip from the NorthEastern shore to Southern California, there are a lot of states in between where marijuana is still illegal.

The laws are constantly changing and  the laws for use and possession in those states is not uniform.

And ignorance of the law is not a legal defense.

Georgia recently passed a law allowing up to 20 ounces of Cannabis oil, a tincture where the active ingredients in Marijuana are added to an oil. This has proven to be an effective cure for seizures in children.


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