Medical marijuana: Sick, dying, and waiting for doctors

Kathleen and Rick Blake lost their 8-year-old son Michael to leukemia in 1988, four years after his diagnosis.

Last year, their family was again struck by cancer when doctors diagnosed their daughter Jessica with glioblastoma multiforme, a brain tumor.

Determined to help Jessica, the Blakes want her to start taking medical cannabis in July, when qualified patients will be able to legally use marijuana for the first time. "We're looking for hope, because conventional medicine has not given us any," Rick Blake said.

But even though medical marijuana use is now legal in Minnesota and the state Department of Health has started registering the thousands of patients who will be eligible to use it, doctors are wary of signing up patients.

Having seen what has happened to their daughter, the Blakes are determined to try.

Before being struck by cancer, Jessica Blake, 39, was a middle school social studies teacher...

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