This Marijuana Clause May Be a Precedent for Other States to Follow

With a few notable exceptions, the American public's opinion on marijuana -- both medical marijuana and recreational, adult use marijuana -- is growing more favorable.

Two decades ago just a quarter of survey respondents would have been in favor of marijuana being legalized, and not a single state had authorized the use of the drug for medical or recreational purposes. Today you can find 23 states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes, four states that have also agreed to let consumers purchase the drug for recreational use, and more than half of the American public favors its across-the-board legalization in both Gallup's and General Social Survey's latest studies. Independent studies on so-called swing states show an even more robust support for medical marijuana, with polls suggesting 70% to 88% approval ratings, depending on the state.

Of course, opposition to marijuana still exists. Although we're seeing support for marijuana from...

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