Costa Rica: Cannabis is medicine, experts at first regional conference on medicinal marijuana agree

For many Costa Ricans, marijuana legalization conjures images of dreadlocked hippies lying in hammocks getting baked. This perception is precisely what CannaCosta 2015, Central America’s first annual conference about the medicinal and industrial uses of cannabis and hemp, tried to change.

With a panel of national and international doctors, scientists, businesspeople and politicians, CannaCosta, held Saturday and Sunday at the National Culture Center (CENAC) in downtown San José, may have surprised those who expected a gathering of stoners almost as much as the information delivered there by speakers and supporters of marijuana’s scientific uses.

“Our objective is to educate each other so that the discussion that the country is having right now will be raised to a technical and scientific level rather than a speculative one,” said Diego Arias, spokesperson for Zegreenlab S.A., a Costa Rican enterprise dedicated to environmental ventures and the conference organizer.

Costa Rica is currently engaged in a heated debate...

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