Arizona: Sheila Polk Rolls Out Propaganda at Marijuana Policy Talk

Sheila Polk, Yavapai County Attorney and the state's chief marijuana opponent, found her so-called facts about marijuana falling flat in a legalization discussion hosted by Arizona State University on Thursday.

The Republican politician's been on a crusade against cannabis freedom for several years now, appearing frequently at town hall presentations across Arizona to spread her propaganda. She's a cheater as well as a propagandist, using the public's money to attack a planned 2016 legalization initiative that's supported by about half of the public. However, her litany of cherry-picked statistics, straw man arguments, and outright lies probably goes over better in the conservative stronghold of her county, where people love their booze but don't know much about pot.

At the panel discussion held at the Cronkite School of Journalism on Thursday, Polk was joined on stage by J.P. Holyoak, a dispensary operator and chair of the main legalization campaign, and Will...

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