Marijuana Legalization in Israel: Recreational Cannabis Use Proposed By Israeli Lawmaker

Marijuana use in Israel for recreational purposes could become a reality if a recently-elected, first-term politician has his way. Freshman MK Yinon Magal of the Jewish Home party recently proposed the legislation, the Times of Israel reported, and he will likely have the strong support of his constituents and fellow lawmakers. Magal, who has famously admitted to smoking marijuana, said shortly after being elected that he thought the “legalization of cannabis is connected to freedom of the individual” and echoed complaints heard in the U.S. over the damage an arrest for marijuana can do to one’s livelihood.

“This is first and foremost a social proposal meant for youngsters from lower socioeconomic backgrounds that were arrested for a grain of cannabis, spent a night in jail with crooks and may [as a consequence] fall into the world of crime,” Magal said recently....

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