Compassion club says they'll provide marijuana if necessary in Saskatoon

A Saskatoon advocate for medical marijuana wants to clear the air.

Mark Hauk is with the Saskatchewan Compassion Club. They plan to open a facility in Saskatoon. Hauk said his organization prefers to help people navigate the current system for legally obtaining medical marijuana. But, he said that system often leaves people who have perscriptions unable to obtain the drug. 

Hauk cited a number of ways the system can let people down, including wait lists, unavailability of specific strains and minumum order size requirements that can make patients unable to afford their medicine. 

Earlier this week, Hauk met with Saskatoon police to discuss the compassion club's proposed business, including the possibility of dispensing medical marijuana.  He said police told him they were going to enforce the laws as written and he could be charged if found breaking them.

In an email to CKOM News on Thursday, Hauk said he was...

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