Switzerland: Medicinal cannabis: Nation ready to open the door

The National Drug Council accepted a motion Tuesday to allow a drug made from cannabis flowers to relieve pain for people with certain diseases.

Switzerland could allow a drug made from cannabis flowers (cannabis flos) to relieve pain for people with multiple sclerosis, cancer and AIDS among others.

By 123 votes against 39, the National Council accepted the Tuesday, June 2  motion of Margrit Kessler (PVL / SG) requesting to study the issue.

In Switzerland, people suffering from chronic pain often prefer to obtain cannabis illegally as licensed therapies are expensive and complicated to obtain, stressed the Vert'libérale.

The medical funds are not required to repay the cannabis preparations since they are not on the list of supported remedies. Or a monthly treatment costs between 200 and 2,000 francs a month. Cannabis naturally is more effective than that of synthesis, argued St. Welsh, who defended liberalization of the drug.

Russian roulette...

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