South Africa could benefit from budding weed economy

By Njabulo Majola.

Is South Africa ready to ride the green tide of decriminilisation? Lessons from Colorado.

The world’s scientific community seems to be re-evaluating its relationship with the plant Cannabis, popularly referred to as dagga in South Africa. Studies that range from the medicinal benefits of cannabis to the societal effect of the legalisation of cannabis have been published by internationally respected journals such as PLOS ONE and Journal of Psychoactive Drugs. The general consensus points towards a relaxation of Cannabis related legislation and a need for increased funding for further study of the field.
In a country where jobs and economic opportunities are scarce and where the economy is sluggish; a country facing an uncertain power supply that further erodes any short to medium term economic growth, President Jacob Zuma’s government can ill afford to disregard new industries. The opportunity presented by the regulation of...
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