Marijuana as medicine? Let's decide this by science, not emotion: Stephanie Haynes

Senate Bill 143 will legalize marijuana (cannabinoids) as a medicine and take Louisiana back to  100 years ago, before there was any regulation of medicine by the federal Food and Drug Administration. That regulation has given us the best medicine approval process in the world. All medicines must be proven to be safe and effective by the FDA. SB 143 removes the safeguards that are in our state law that require that cannabinoid medicines meet FDA standards.

While we definitely support research looking into the components of the plant to determine therapeutic benefits, we do not think it is compassionate to give people who are sick a substance which has not proven to be a safe or effective medicine. 

Many who support "medical" marijuana act out of compassion, but they need to take a second look at this issue. We share the same goal: to reduce the pain...

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