Medical Marijuana in Florida: Will It Pass in 2016?

A groundswell of support among everyday Americans has led to the passage of medical marijuana legislation in 23 states; however, Florida dragged its feet in approving medical marijuana legislation last year.

Although 57% of Floridians voted in favor of passing the medical marijuana measure, the total vote fell shy of the 60% required to make changes to the state's constitution.

The fact that so many people in the Sunshine state back medical marijuana, yet medical marijuana remains criminalized in Florida, has created a heated debate that may end up being settled in the 2016 Presidential election. Let's take a closer look at the battle to decriminalize medical marijuana in Florida, and whether or not medical marijuana stands a chance of passing in the state next year.

First, a bit of background
Medical marijuana has enjoyed a growing level of support among Americans.

Over the past decade, aging...

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