Jailed cannabis farmer Kristian Roulet continues to puzzle police - from behind bars

Who is the real Kristian Roulet and where on earth does he come from?

The shadowy figure snared at a major cannabis farm in a sleepy, idyllic corner ofWarwickshire remains a mystery man – even after being jailed.

Police are still not certain Kristian Roulet is who he claims to be – or about where he comes from.

The 18-year-old claimed to be French, but an interpreter pinpointed his accent to south-east Europe, possibly Albania.

Roulet has no documents revealing his identity.

What is known is that he was caretaker of a £66,000 cannabis crop that filled a modest, three-bedroomed home in Long Itchington.

Officers discovered eights plants in the living room, 83 in the bedrooms and another 35 in the loft.

All were in bud and ripe for harvesting. In all, 123 plants were removed from the home.

Admitted role

Roulet, who slept on a living room camp bed of...

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