Silk Road's Ross Ulbricht sentenced to life

Ross Ulbricht, creator of the underground website Silk Road, which let users anonymously buy and sell anything from drugs to hacking tutorials, was sentenced Friday to life in prison after he made a tearfulplea for leniency.

Ulbricht, who is 31, was convicted in February on seven counts ranging from money laundering to drug trafficking. He could have been sentenced to only 20 years.


U.S. District Judge Katherine B. Forrest was clear that she was making an example of Ulbricht in part to deter others from committing similar crimes.

"There must be no doubt that no one is above the law," Forrest said. "You, as the defendant, have to pay the price."

She said anyone considering following in Ulbricht's footsteps needs "to understand there will be very serious consequences."

Rejecting Ulbricht's request for mercy during the nearly three-hour hearing in Manhattan federal court, Forrest said of Silk Road, "It was carefully planned...

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