Religion and marijuana: Where does Judaism stand on marijuana?

After looking at Islam and Hinduism, today we look at Judaism and its relationship marijuana in a modern contemporary setting. We'll find out whether Jewish Law prohibits the use of recreational marijuana and why. 

Judaism is one of the oldest religions in the world - much older than Christianity and Islam. It's teachings are documented as far back at 8th Century BCE. Judaism is monotheistic and has approximately 14 million followers globally, a markedly small number considering it's influence on the Western world and long history.

You don't have to be an orthodox jew to guess that marijuana isn't a major tenet of the jewish faith. In fact, aside from anecdotal speculation that Christ himself may have smoked weed it's fair to assume that weed smoking within the ranks of orthodoxy is not commonplace. 

So, is marijuana kosher? 

The individual opinion on one Rabbi, Aaron Tendler of, when asked "Is it...

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