Historic stoner wants to help heroin epidemic in Afghanistan

When Dana Beal was locked up in Nebraska and Wisconsin a few years back, facing hard time after being busted transporting hundreds of pounds of marijuana, friends and allies from across the world flew to the Midwest to speak on his behalf. 

These days, all the backup Beal, 68, who ended up serving about three years, says he needs is five or six people to join his bi-weekly pickets outside of the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office in lower Manhattan. 

While Beal and his posse — which on a recent Monday included a Green Party candidate for state senator and a 20-something looking to reinstate smoke-outs in Washington Square — are calling for Vance to stop prosecuting sick patients found with pot, the self-proclaimed “grandfather” of the marijuana movement has his sight set halfway across the world. 

Beal, an advocate for the African plant Ibogaine that supporters say can cure heroin...

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