Belgian Cannabis Social Club Mambo has high hopes for appeal case

Cannabis Social Clubs are the solution, not the problem.

HASSELT, BELGIUM – On Thursday May 28th, the appeal in the case against Mambo Social Club will be held in the court of Antwerp. Mambo is the second Cannabis Social Club in Belgium and was sentenced by the Court of First Instance last year, for cultivation and possession of cannabis. President and founder of Mambo Social Club, Michel Degens, expects a positive outcome: “Cannabis Social Clubs offer a safe alternative to adult consumers who don’t want to buy cannabis on the black market. It’s a non-profit model of cannabis production and distribution that promotes health, safety and responsibility. Cannabis Social Clubs are the solution, not the problem.”


Mambo Social Club is one among many Cannabis Social Clubs that currently operate in Europe. Cannabis Social Clubs (CSCs) are non-profit organisations that produce cannabis collectively and re-distribute it to meet the personal needs of their adult members. Michel Degens: “Cannabis Social...

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