Yes, Cannabis Absinthe is a thing in Europe. But will it get you stoned?

You have to love those random messages you receive from friends traveling abroad. A couple months ago my friend Judy wrote me from Mexican beach town Playa del Carmen with the news that $140 cannabis-adorned bongs were being sold inside the local Walmart down there. And this morning my friend Erin hit me up with a photo of something equally surprising out of Spain.

Erin has seen the future, friends. And it comes in the form of Cannabis Absinthe.

Sure enough, it’s all over the place in Europe. Distributor Antonio Nadal calls its Absenta Cannabis 80 “green absinthe with hints of wormwood and hops with a high alcohol content.”

I’ll say. This hooch is 140 proof — that’s 70 percent alcohol, for the non-nerds — putting its heft somewhere between Rumple Minze and Bacardi 151.

This booze will get you drunk. But it won’t get you high.

The only presence...

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