Solid gold 2,400-year-old cannabis BONGS used by royal stoners dug up in Russia

ARCHAEOLOGISTS have uncovered what are thought to be 2,400-year-old bongs made of PURE gold that were used to get tribal royalty stoned.

The two bongs were used for smoking cannabis and opium, tests have confirmed, and were found with a number of other solid gold items weighing a combined total of 7Ibs hidden under clay in Russia where power lines were being put up.

They also found three gold cups, a heavy gold finger ring, two neck rings, and a gold bracelet.

A thick black residue found inside the two vase-shaped vessels was tested by criminologists who confirmed traces of the two drugs were found.

Historians believe they were used for drug rituals by the Scythians, a ferocious nomadic race, who ruled the grasslands of Eurasia for 1,000 years, and that they confirm the practices first reported by ancient Greek historian Herodotus who died in 425BC.  

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