Nebraska: Medical marijuana bill will need to wait a year, sponsor says

It appears Nebraskans will wait at least another year for broader legalization of medical marijuana.

Bellevue Sen. Tommy Garrett said Tuesday he will ask to have his medical marijuana bill (LB643) tabled until 2016 so he can refine it and attempt to gain more support.

The measure advanced from first-round debate on a 27-12 vote earlier this month. But it faced an almost certain filibuster Wednesday morning, which would have raised the number of votes needed for its passage from 25 to 33.

And instead of gaining support, Garrett found himself losing votes and running out of time.

Among the senators who peeled away was one who, like Garrett, voted to repeal the death penalty and "got the stuffing kicked out of him over the weekend" because of it, Garrett said.

"Welcome to politics, you know. There's nothing uglier and grittier than politics," he said. "Politicians are the lowest form...

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