Israel's Stance on Medical Marijuana

Israel, a nation rich in history and diversity, holds its reputation when it comes to medical marijuana research as well. It is the home of “the father of medical marijuana,” Professor Raphael Mechoulam at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the 1960s, reported. 

That history continues today. Israel is leading the world in terms of its cannabis research. Most recently, research has produced an oral dose that doesn’t create a high, but does aid epileptic children, according to the Washington Post. 

Agricultural officials are in favor of capitalizing on Israel’s advances and superiority in this field. Many wish to export their superior products. But government officials are unlikely to ever allow it, the Washington Post said. 

Although medical marijuana has been legal in Israel for over seven years now, and it is legal in several states, Israel’s reputation is too important to officials. 

“[Officials] don’t want Israel to...

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