Increase Profits by Creating Closer Customer Connections

How could a company with the capital and resources of Google have miscalculated the demand for Google Glass? Why would a conglomerate the size of Blockbuster not recognize that online movie rentals and sales were quickly outpacing the demand for DVD’s?

The answer is the inability or lack of desire to change.

I’m not referring to the ability to introduce change, but specifically the ability to predict, respond and adapt to changes being thrust upon the business. Consider the three most fundamental areas of business that influence the profitability and viability of any business.

  1. Customers:
    Their preferences, needs and demands are changing. Specifically, how they seek out products and services, as well as how they buy those same products and services are changing. If you’re not selling online for example, then you are likely faced with getting in line in order to attract new customers and maintain those
  2. ...
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