Federal Lawmakers Pressing DEA to Speed Up Marijuana Research

Federal lawmakers are looking to expedite the approval process for marijuana research. Earlier last week, the U.S. House Appropriations Committee approved a measure that would force the Drug Enforcement Administration to develop accelerated procedures for researchers seeking permission to study cannabis.

The DEA’s meticulous demands have been sandbagging cannabis researchers for decades, but the approval of this legislation would put an end to this by forcing the agency to "review all relevant DEA rules governing research on the medical efficacy of marijuana and determine ways to facilitate further research through streamlining the DEA approval process.”

Interestingly, this important legislation is being supported by Representative Andy Harris, who just last year spearheaded an amendment to block the District of Columbia from pressing ahead with plans to establish a cannabis industry. The latest measure, which is attached to budget considerations for the Department of Justice, demands the DEA work with national health...

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