Fear, Loathing, And Space Cakes: How Should States Regulate Marijuana Edibles?

In many respects, Colorado is leading all cannabis states into the 21st century of cannabis regulation. On a seemingly monthly basis, Colorado confronts first impression cannabis issues with which other states have yet to grapple. One of those emerging issues is how to regulate edibles and marijuana-infused products. Washington and other states are really just beginning to visit this topic, but Colorado already has a deep love/hate, “we get it”/”we have no idea” relationship with regulations for infused marijuana products. Essentially, edibles are turning out to be somewhat of a headache for a marijuana industry lacking science and data to establish an ideal line between the perfect dose and the bad trip.

Ultimately, edibles and infused products create charged emotions due to both real and perceived issues involving potency, quality control, youth appeal, and youth access.

Maureen Dowd’s now infamous New York Times piece about her rabid “overdose”...

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