Chabat Calls for Amnesty for Cannabis Farmers

Rabat – Hamid Chabat, Secretary General of the Istiqlal Party, one of Morocco’s major opposition political parties, has again called for amnesty for Cannabis growers.

Speaking during a pre-election rally over the weekend in Ouzzane, northern Morocco, Hamid Chabat called for the adoption of a bill granting amnesty to small cannabis growers in the north of the kingdom.

He said that nearly 80,000 cannabis growers are released on bail and risk going back to prison at any moment because of their involvement in the cultivation of cannabis, while “corrupt and money launderers enjoy amnesty.” He added that the majority of these small growers lack identity documents and cannot exercise their voting rights.

Chabat, who has also vowed to bring reforms to what he described as the current government’s “unpopular decisions”, called for the legalization of cannabis for medical and pharmaceutical ends, saying that “the herb” can be exported abroad and...

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