Marijuana Legalization May Get Boost, DEA Backs Off

As many have been fighting for the legalization of marijuana in all states of the U.S., they may get a boost in their fight, as the DEA has stated now that they are going to be backing off of a focus on marijuana. So far few states have completely legalized the drug, including Alaska, Colorado, Washington, and D.C., with Texas recently passing to decriminalize marijuana. As many states continue to avoid legalization, it seems that events just keep pushing for it. As marijuana is considered to not specifically harm users, and most believe that the drug should be treated just like alcohol, many are still wondering why states have not just thrown in the towel on their fight against it.

Chuck Rosenberg is the new incoming DEA chief, after Michele Leonhart resigned following DEA accusations of involvement with drugs and prostitution. With a new man coming into the game, the...

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