Cannabis – Healer or Killer?

During the last few months in Poland, cannabis has been receiving a good deal of attention. This is a result of a few events - both positive and negative - which have placed the issue of cannabis regulation in the mainstream media limelight.

Cannabis Activist Arrested

Last month, on Easter Monday, the case of Jakub Gajewski, an activist from Wolne Konopie, was probably the fastest-spreading story among drug policy activists and others in Poland who take an interest in this subject. Jakub was arrested and charged with intra-EU acquisition of psychoactive substances in significant quantities, for which the statutory penalty is up to 15 years' imprisonment. The controversial aspect of the case, is that he was caught with 900 grams of Rick Simpson Oil, which he had been delivering, risking his freedom, to people willing to use it for treatment.

Cannabis Heals

As a result of this situation, a march...

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