Assembly to consider ban on second-hand marijuana smoke


There’s a proposal on the table that would treat marijuana smoke like tobacco smoke in Anchorage.

On Tuesday, Anchorage Assembly Chair Dick Traini plans to introduce an ordinance that would add pot to Anchorage’s secondhand smoking law.

“Where ever you can’t smoke tobacco, you can’t smoke marijuana if this passes,” said Traini.

“I’ve been getting calls from bar owners worried about people coming in and lighting up inside their bars,” Traini said. “They just want at least five feet away from the bar, anywhere you can’t smoke tobacco you should not smoke marijuana because smoke is smoke.”

“The two of them considered the same in my opinion is just crazy,” said Ben Adams, Alaska Pot Attorney.

The measure could affect a certain type of business. Under current law, smoking tobacco in places of employment is prohibited. Marijuana proponents say that could cause an uncertain future for businesses like...

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